Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Knit Easter Eggs from Ellen

Materials: Set of #2 double pointed needles Sports wt. Yarn, 3” long, 6 ?” wide plastic eggs
Starting at bottom, with blue and double pointed needles,
Cast on 18 sts.
Divide sts 6sts each needle.
Join sts and work in rounds of k1, p1 ribbing until piece measures ?” from      beginning.
Knit next rnd, inc 1 st in each st around. (36sts).
Attach white,yarn, but do not fasten off blue.
Knit next round with white .
Next rnd; *(K1 white, K1 blue) around.
Knit one rnd white,
Pick up blue, knit one round blue.
Next rnd;  (K1 blue, K1 white) around.
Knit one round blue.
Pick up white, knit one round white.
Next rnd; (K1 white, K1 blue) around.
Knit one round white.*  Repeat from * Once.
Drop white, knit one round blue.
Next rnd; K2 tog around – 18sts. 
Insert plastic egg.
K1, p1 around for ? inch.
Cut yarn, leaving a 12-inch-long tail.  Using yarn needle lace through stitches on last round then pull to close end of egg. Fasten off.

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