Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mercer spinners and weavers meeting on Thursday Feb 9th at 10:00 at the Pig Barn (the red building) where our meeting usually is.  We will be learning about spinning cotton with Verna Greenan and spinning hemp with Susan Friedman.  Carol Rak also has some information about spinning hemp that is less processed than what Susan will be bringing.  We have enough cotton and hemp for everybody to have a try.  Even if you don’t intend to spin cotton or hemp we want you to come anyway and bring your wheel or current project and join with other like minded fiber junkies.  Remember something for lunch and your cup.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Our Thursday, Feb 9th Mercer County Spinners and Weavers meeting will be about spinning vegetable fibers – cotton and hemp.  Verna Greenan will be teaching about spinning cotton.  She will have sufficient fiber for you to learn with.  Cotton can be spun on your spinning wheel, I saw it done on a great wheel, there is a wheel called a charka from India which is what Mahatma Gandhi spun on and which will be at the meeting (not Gandhi, the wheel),  and a small supported spindle called a tahkli.  If you happen to have a tahkli please bring it.
And Susan Friedman will be teaching about spinning hemp.  I’ve seen Susan’s prepared hemp fiber, it seems like silk and is very beautiful and soft if all you can think about is hemp rope.  We’re trying to obtain some hemp fiber for you to practice on.
And I know some of you are saying, I don’t want to add another fiber to my stuff, or you’re saying I don’t need to learn to spin cotton (or hemp) I won’t be making anything from that fiber.  This is a chance to have another fiber experience and broaden your knowledge.
Hope to see you there,  Bonnie

Monday, January 02, 2017

2017 schedule for Mercer Co Spinners and Weavers

At Munnell Run Farm, there is a building that they call the General Store.  It is a smallncream colored building at the end of the driveway on the left side.  We need to have two of our meetings there because of scheduling conflicts with the Pig Barn building.

Jan 14 -  Judy will give direction on weaving on the triangle loom at the General Store.

February 9 -  Pig Barn

March 11 - Pig Barn

April 13 -  Pig Barn

May 13 – Pig Barn

June 8 – Pig Barn

July  8 – General Store

August 10 – Pig Barn

September 9 – dye workshop at Lyn Croskey Peterson’s home 

October 14 – Pig Barn

November 9 – Pig Barn

December 9 – Holiday gathering with soup and bread and dessert at the Pig Barn


Some people wanted a list of dates for our meetings.  We don’t yet have projects or themes other than the Jan meeting.  More information to follow.